Friday, 5 August 2011

Alexa Chung... The Style Icon of Today?

I definitely think so!
Alexa is in almost every fashion magazine there is on a weekly bases and regularly appears on the cover of many fashion magazines. She has been the cover of Vogue more than once this year alone – which is something that she should be proud of!
For a while I was confused about what ‘occupation’ Alexa actually has. I knew that she appeared on many T.V shows on channel four for a while – what I didn’t know is that Alexa started modelling at the age of 15, stopped modelling to become a T.V presenter, got spotted yet again whist presenting and now presents and models!
Her originality and slightly edgy style is what people think of when her name is said. I have seen many people trying to copy her style and trying to take inspiration from her.  
She certainly takes a good photograph and she looked great in her recent photo shoot for Vogue. I think that this photo shoot shows that she can look classy as well as edgy as the clothing she wore this shoot is very different to the normal items she is seen out with.  

Above - Pictures from the Alexa's latest Vogue shoot

I personally think that her edgy style has got her to where she is today. She currently the face of Lacoste’s ‘Joy of Pink’ fragrance and the Italian Sneaker company ‘Supergas’. Not bad for a T.V presenter!

What do you think of my Alexa Chung inspired outfits?

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Vibrant yet Relaxed

I decided to bring some colour into my life today!



My AMAZING photography... not! This is probably one of the best pics i have ever taken - my friend!!