Saturday, 23 April 2011

Fashion, Body Spray, Followers and Life!

Wow, I woke up this morning and checked my blogger account (as you do) and the number of followers had doubled!! I was so excited. Thanks so much for following it means the world to me!

The other day I was in River Island, which is one of my favourite shops, and I found a top that I have been dreaming about ever since! It is flowy and flowery and beautiful!

The Top from River Island - What do you think?

You can wear it with jeans, shorts, denim skirt - the list is endless. It is £19.99 so I better start saving!!

I get given loads on body sprays and perfumes for birthdays and Christmas. I love them but it is the kind of love that makes me not want to use them because I don't want to waste them!
Right now I have: Hollister Laguna Beach, Ted Baker, Love ETC - Body Shop and Black Star - Avril Lavigne.
My personal favourite is the Ted Baker body spray because it smells so unique. I categorise my sprays into two sections - winter and summer. Ted Baker defintitly falls into the winter category along with Black Star. The other two, Love Etc and Hollister spray, fall into the spring/summer category. For daytime use I tend to wear the body sprays and for the evening I put on the perfume. As it is April and a heatwave, today I am wearing the Hollister spray so I smell very berryish!


Hollister Body Mist - £8.00

Body Shop Love ETC - £14.00


Ted Baker - Limited Edition Body Spray - £5.11

Black Star - £12.99

Thanks for reading and following! Comment if you have any questions!

Friday, 22 April 2011


It's Good Friday so everyone who celebrates Easter is thinking ahead to Easter Sunday. They are thinking about Easter Eggs, Easter Dinner, Church but most of all 'What to Wear!'

I personally think that Easter is not celebrated enough. It is supposed to be the biggest day in the Christian calender yet, Christmas is so much bigger and much more commercial.
Even though Easter isn't Christmas you still want to look nice and look like you have made an effort. I have put together some outfits that I think would look great for your Easter Sunday!


Orange Stripe Bow Front Prom Dress
River Island - £44.99
I think that this dress has Easter down to a T. The pastel shade is spring like, whilst the bow  makes it more formal for the occasion.

Stone cut out sandals
Stone Cut-out Sandles
Dorothy Perkins - £16.00
These sandals would look fantastic with the dress. They are delicate which will create a contrast from the boldness of the dress.

The pearls make the look more sophisticated.

Oval Pearl Collar Necklace
Oval Pearl Collar Necklace
Accessorize - £16.00

Delano Jumpsuit
Delano Jumpsuit
Monsoon - £95.00


Jumpsuits are all 'in' this season and if they are worn with the right shoes and accessories they can look great! This jumpsuit has a floral pattern on a pastel pink background.

Petrol Blue (Blue) Canvas Slingback Heels | 218641847 | New Look
Canvas Slingback Heels
New Look - £24.99

These shoes will look incredible with the jumpsuit. The blue will tie in with the blue in the floral pattern. The heel will give you hight because hight is a key component in looking good in a jumpsuit!

Claw Set Pearl Stretch Bracelets X 2
Claw set Pearls stretch bracelet
Accessorize - £12.00

These pearl bracelets will really finish off the look. No necklace is needed because there is a lot going on in the jumpsuit. However as there are no sleeves these pearls will make sure your arms do not look bare and boring.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

My Cosmetic Wish List!

If you read 'A day at Westfield' you might have realised that I really love the Benefit range!
I love it because the packaging is so cute and the make-up is good quality and will last.

I would like to have the whole range in my bedroom so it took me some time to decide on my top 5 essentials from the Benefit range.
Here it is:

you rebel lite
1. You Rebel Lite - Tinted Mousturiser £23.50

This tinted mousturiser is supposed to be good because you get a very large tube and you only need a tiny bit of it to make your face look brilliant.

BADgal lash
2. BADgal lash - mascara £16.50

You can't live without mascara and this one from Benefit is perfect to show off to all your friends!

ultra shines
3. Ultra Shines - Lipgloss £14.00

With ten colours to choose from you can pick your favourite colour that suits your skin tone. It is small and easy to carry in your bag.


4. Dandelion - pink perk me up face powder £23.50

Theres a huge selection of face powders in the benefit range. I love this one because it looks so so pretty!

the porefessional

5. the professional - balm/concealer £23.50

I love this concealer because it is in little tube. I don't like concealer when it is in a stick form because I don't think it covers spots very well.

So there's my top 5 items from the Benefit range.
Visit :
to purchace any of the items above.

Comment below if you love the benefit range as much as i do (i am kind of obsessed even though i don't own any of it)!


Review: The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopoholic

This book is one of my favourite books of all time! Its a laugh a minute but still has a serious ethos.

Becky just can't stop shopping. Everytime she sees something she likes her credit card comes straight out of her bag and straight into the shop assistants hand. This is the case until Becky gets into serious trouble. Seriouse trouble with the debt collectors!

This is a must read! The book is the first in a large series so you don't have to just stop here.
Other titles include:
Shopoholic Abroad
Shopoholic Ties the Knot
Shopoholic and Sister
Shopoholic and Baby
Mini Shopoholic


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My Day at Westfield

Following my previous post, 'A day at Westfield', I have decided to write about MY day at Westfield.

April, 20th 2011 - My fourth visit to Westfield.
Aim - To buy shoes and cardigan/jacket for confirmation outfit

10:15 - I arrive and make my way towards the shops which I think might have the kind of things  I was looking for.

11:00 - I buy my shoes from Schuh. They are lavender and just what I was looking for.

12:10 - I find the perfect jacket to match my dress. It is from Bershka!

Shoes from SCHUH

My shopping bags

me in my dress

Me in dress and shoes!

A day at Westfield

Westfield shopping centre!
Describe Westifield in one word - INCREDIBLE!
Debhanams to M&S, New Look to Hollister and Pull and Bear to Bershka.
A designer village, all the highstreet chain stores, a cinema complex and amazing resteraunts- what more can you ask for?

You enter through The Village. Prada is to your right and Dior is to your left. As you keep walking you come across a champagne bar which is a great place to catch a few celebrities! As you keep walking the shops become less and less expensive until you find all of the Highstreet chain stores. It is shopping heaven!
You head to the Eating Palace after you have bought everything you came for. It is a large area full of tables and chairs which are surrounded by different types of foods to choose from. Chinese, Italian, Indian, Sushi Bar and even a Tapas Bar! Once you have chosen you sit, eat and watch everyday people living their lives.
Once you have finished you head home. You walk in the direction of the car park. All the shops are staring at you and you just can't help yourself. You decide to go in for a quick browse which turns into a quick stop off in the changing rooms which turns into a quick stop at the tills!
After about an hour you say to yourself, "This is it, I have to go home!"
You walk through The Village on your way to the car park. You take a leaflet that someone hands to you, it says 'Free Makeover in House of Frazer'. The car park is within your view but so is House of Frazer. You decide to take a peak inside to see what this free makeover is all about. A sign sits in front of you it says, 'Pick your favourite brand, find their area and get your makeover!'. You look up to find the Benifit sign in front of you, your favourite brand of make-up. Before you know it your feet start moving and you are by the Benifit desk agreeing to a free makeover.
You look in the mirror, you just love what they have done to your face. Your eyelashes look long, your skin looks radient and your lips look gorgeous. The shop assistant says, "Would you like to buy any of the products use for your makeover today?". You look to your right to find a table, on the table sits all the products that made your face look incredible. The mascara and tinted mousturiser looks so attractive in its cute packaging while the red lipstick looks like it needs to be on your dressing table! You open your mouth and say, "I'll take the lot!".
You leave House of Frazer with a huge smile on your face, the shop assistant gave you fifty percent off a make-up bag because you bought so much of the Benifit range.
Finally you enter the car park and head towards your car. You open the boot and put in all of your shopping bags. There must be over fifteen sitting there, looking straight at you!
What an amazing day!  

House of Frazer - The Village (taken on my camera)

DKNY - The Village Taken by moi!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Spring Looks - Taylor Swift

Taylor in a cute floral dress!

Topshop - £39.00

I just love Taylors floral look because it really represents spring! The red tones suit all skintones and you can get Taylors look for just £39.00. This dress from Topshop is just as pretty as Taylors so you are able to go out shopping looking just as stunning as Taylor looks!

My New Blog

I have always loved writing and loved people reading my writing. Fashion also plays a big part in my life.
With all of the above being true I decided that I would love to become a Fashion Journalist for a magazine like 'Look' or 'Grazia'. As I am only fourteen so I have a few years left at school before I can make my dream reality, I have decided to start a blog so that I can start to talk about fashion and style through my writing. I will be including pictures and maybe videos in my posts which I hope you all enjoy!

I will include selected items of clothing from certain stores which I like and what various celebrities are going out in. I will also try and either show a picture of what I am wearing or get images off the internet of the pieces of clothing that I am wearing.

The items of clothing below made up my outfit today. With it being 25 degrees celcius I wanted something cool yet fashionable. The denim shorts are from H & M, the sandals are from Monsoon, the top (the image is not the actual top I had on today but very similar), the top in the image is from Monsoon but mine is from the range G:21 - Asda. And finally, the most expensive part of the outfit 'The Cardigan' which i bought from Hollister. None of the items are too expensive as they all come from 'Highstreet Brands' rather than 'Designer Labels'. Although the outfit wasn't expensive it looks pretty and is perfect for a sunny day when you want to feel cool. 

H&M denim shorts