Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My New Blog

I have always loved writing and loved people reading my writing. Fashion also plays a big part in my life.
With all of the above being true I decided that I would love to become a Fashion Journalist for a magazine like 'Look' or 'Grazia'. As I am only fourteen so I have a few years left at school before I can make my dream reality, I have decided to start a blog so that I can start to talk about fashion and style through my writing. I will be including pictures and maybe videos in my posts which I hope you all enjoy!

I will include selected items of clothing from certain stores which I like and what various celebrities are going out in. I will also try and either show a picture of what I am wearing or get images off the internet of the pieces of clothing that I am wearing.

The items of clothing below made up my outfit today. With it being 25 degrees celcius I wanted something cool yet fashionable. The denim shorts are from H & M, the sandals are from Monsoon, the top (the image is not the actual top I had on today but very similar), the top in the image is from Monsoon but mine is from the range G:21 - Asda. And finally, the most expensive part of the outfit 'The Cardigan' which i bought from Hollister. None of the items are too expensive as they all come from 'Highstreet Brands' rather than 'Designer Labels'. Although the outfit wasn't expensive it looks pretty and is perfect for a sunny day when you want to feel cool. 

H&M denim shorts

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