Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A day at Westfield

Westfield shopping centre!
Describe Westifield in one word - INCREDIBLE!
Debhanams to M&S, New Look to Hollister and Pull and Bear to Bershka.
A designer village, all the highstreet chain stores, a cinema complex and amazing resteraunts- what more can you ask for?

You enter through The Village. Prada is to your right and Dior is to your left. As you keep walking you come across a champagne bar which is a great place to catch a few celebrities! As you keep walking the shops become less and less expensive until you find all of the Highstreet chain stores. It is shopping heaven!
You head to the Eating Palace after you have bought everything you came for. It is a large area full of tables and chairs which are surrounded by different types of foods to choose from. Chinese, Italian, Indian, Sushi Bar and even a Tapas Bar! Once you have chosen you sit, eat and watch everyday people living their lives.
Once you have finished you head home. You walk in the direction of the car park. All the shops are staring at you and you just can't help yourself. You decide to go in for a quick browse which turns into a quick stop off in the changing rooms which turns into a quick stop at the tills!
After about an hour you say to yourself, "This is it, I have to go home!"
You walk through The Village on your way to the car park. You take a leaflet that someone hands to you, it says 'Free Makeover in House of Frazer'. The car park is within your view but so is House of Frazer. You decide to take a peak inside to see what this free makeover is all about. A sign sits in front of you it says, 'Pick your favourite brand, find their area and get your makeover!'. You look up to find the Benifit sign in front of you, your favourite brand of make-up. Before you know it your feet start moving and you are by the Benifit desk agreeing to a free makeover.
You look in the mirror, you just love what they have done to your face. Your eyelashes look long, your skin looks radient and your lips look gorgeous. The shop assistant says, "Would you like to buy any of the products use for your makeover today?". You look to your right to find a table, on the table sits all the products that made your face look incredible. The mascara and tinted mousturiser looks so attractive in its cute packaging while the red lipstick looks like it needs to be on your dressing table! You open your mouth and say, "I'll take the lot!".
You leave House of Frazer with a huge smile on your face, the shop assistant gave you fifty percent off a make-up bag because you bought so much of the Benifit range.
Finally you enter the car park and head towards your car. You open the boot and put in all of your shopping bags. There must be over fifteen sitting there, looking straight at you!
What an amazing day!  

House of Frazer - The Village (taken on my camera)

DKNY - The Village Taken by moi!

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